About Ray

He wants to simplify the Bible.

Acceptance, Courage, and Wisdom

Do you ever feel like you’re getting hit from every side?

Are your finances in disarray, is your health worsening, and is your business in crisis?

Maybe your spouse has abandoned your shared dreams and traded them in for a nightmare that is far more superficial, selfish, and materialistic? Perhaps you’re overwhelmed, and you’re wondering why you can’t catch a break.

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The Lemonade Stand

Jimmy invited Sally to sell lemonade on a busy Saturday afternoon. Just as they began to plan, Sally had a million and one questions.

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Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

God’s plan for Joseph was BIG—so big that it took years for it to unfold. 

During the gestation period, Joseph encountered a string of hardships that lasted for well over a decade and included false imprisonment and becoming a human trafficking victim.

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You thought this was it—your big break. You just made an offer to buy your first home, you’re about to sign a book deal, or you received a fantastic new job offer with the most influential company in your industry.

Then at the last minute, it all falls apart.

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When You Make Mistakes

No matter how thoughtful you are—at some point in your life, in your finances, in your relationships, and your business, you’re going to make mistakes.

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