Believe, ask, receive

Happy Thursday, and welcome to your daily dose of truth, courtesy of Matthew 21:22 (TLB). In today’s reading, you will get a full view of the power of faith. You can get anything—anything you ask for in prayer—if you believe.

As you can see, if you believe, and pray in faith, you can have anything you ask for.

Now before you run off and start demanding a new house, car, Rolex, iPhone, or spouse, please understand that God is not a Genie sitting around waiting to grant your every wish.

Jesus said you can get anything, He didn’t say you will get everything.

Praying for the downfall or death of someone you hate does not fall in line with God’s will. In fact, if the thing you want does not bring glory to God, He’s not giving it to you.

Ask God for good health, abundant wealth, and loving relationships — not for yourself, but for everyone else.

Be selfless in prayer, and (you will) reap the rewards.


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