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Happy is the man who doesn’t give in and do wrong when he is tempted, for afterward, he will get as his reward the crown of life that God has promised those who love him. James 1:12

I know a guy who is at peace with his choices. Not because he’s always right, but because each decision gets him (a little) closer to where he wants to be.

He doesn’t second-guess himself or beat himself up over past mistakes—instead, he’s content with the present—and grateful for what he has.

He’s kind to himself and others because he knows everyone is worthy of love and respect. He wants to make sure that everyone he meets feels seen and heard. He believes that everyone has the potential to be great, no matter what their circumstances may be. He’s comfortable with uncertainty and embraces it as part of life.

This person is self-aware and confident—this person is the future me. This person is the new you. This person is calm.

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