Forged by Fire

We know that God makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are chosen to be a part of His plan. Romans 8:28 NLV

Change can feel like a wave in both positive and negative ways.

The slightest thought of [having to] change can bring the most determined among us to our knees. But, when change happens—how we handle it will either strengthen us or send us spinning out of control.

If you’re someone who feels frustration at every little shift in life—fear and uncertainty are guaranteed to set in, but if you allow God to guide your movements, your life will improve by orders of magnitude.

In my opinion, circumstances don’t (really) matter—what matters is your faith and will to be intentional about follow God’s plan [for your life].

Most people lose faith in God’s ability to deliver them from their lowest moments. They even allow worry to consume them and forget that the process leads to progress.

So persevere, laugh when you need to, scream when you have to, and remember that life does not always give you what you deserve, and when it doesn’t, you should still be thankful for IN those circumstances.

When you’re faithful to God’s will, you have the freedom to leave your past in the past and embrace a future forged by the fire of change.

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