Gods Favorite

In the Easy-to-Read version, Colossians 1:16 reminds us that through Gods power all things were made..things in heaven and on earth, seen and not seen…Everything was made through him and for him.

Whether the ocean’s depth or the mountain’s mass, God’s evidence of creativity is incredible.

Think about it; some plants can thrive in elements unlivable by every other life form on the planet, and most animals have instincts and traits unique to their species.

And then there’s you and I.

We’re out here walking around with the gift of choice—the ability to [either] defy God’s will or live out His plan. We can choose to accept Christ or refuse salvation. We can even decide to end our life early or live each day as if it’s our last.

No other living thing on earth has [been gifted with] such control over its future.

We, human beings, are God’s favorite.

So don’t just exist, don’t just walk around aimlessly—instead, live, work, play, learn, teach, love, discover, and by all means, create…just like God, who created you in His image.

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