Humility Is Its Own Reward

Every once in a while, a friend will ask you a question that you aren’t sure how to answer. Most people concoct a response in these instances, even though they have no real domain expertise or experience on the matter.

I was guilty of this for years. More often than I care to confess, I rattled-off “answers” because I was arrogant and didn’t want to admit that “I just didn’t know the answer.”

Fast forward to today, and I am quick to acknowledge when I don’t know something.

proverbs 16 18

When you don’t know, tell the other person that. Then go the extra mile by seeking out someone who might know the answer.

For example, you (if you were a political leader) might say, “I don’t know if a viable vaccine can be produced and distributed in the next 30 days, but my friend, Erica, specializes in viral diseases and logistics. I can refer you to her.”

If you handle moments like these with grace and integrity, you will nurture meaningful relationships, and people will respect you for your honesty.

Building relationships on trust, vulnerability, and transparency is a powerful and rewarding path to take.

“Satan’s number one weapon is pride. God’s number one defense is humility.”

—Larry Burkett

So, please, treat people with the kindness, honesty, compassion, and empathy that you want them to extend to you.

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