Morning Prayer

Each morning I will look to you in heaven and lay my requests before you, praying earnestly. Psalm 5:3 TLB

As defined by most Biblical scholars, prayer is the act of communicating with God through honest conversation.

One of the smartest things I do every morning is to spend 15 minutes praying and meditating.

Prayer strengthens my spirit and gives me a feeling of freshness and peace — prayer gives me the confidence to rise above the fray and take on life’s most difficult situations.

Prayer calms me when I’m on the verge of doing or saying things that I know are coarse or indecent—a quick word of prayer takes me right back to the point where I speak with patience and love.

Regarding morning routines, Psalm 5:3 reminds us that we should lay our requests before God in the quiet of the morning and wait expectantly.

We should do this because our prayer is never trivial to God. And while we may not get the answers we want immediately, God will [always] answer because He is faithful.

So take time every morning to thank God for the home, food, relationships, and, most of all, the breath that sustains you.

Thank Him with gratitude and the assurance that you are not here by chance but that you are here because of His grace and mercy, then go and do.

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