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False God: Money

The world worships money. Most people wrongly use it to determine their worth and how they should value others.

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Seven More Days

As we usher in this new week, I pray that God gives us seven more days of life, challenges, and growth.

I pray that we take time to talk with our families and friends, hold each other up, and applaud each other. I pray that we pray for our country, the world, and our leaders. I pray that we get along, keep the faith, and wait expectantly to see what God has in store for us this week.

Wisdom and Courage

With each passing day, I grow in my understanding, faith, and relation with God. I spend more time in His word and continuously ask for the wisdom and courage to do good and avoid being misled by ignorance and fear.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Humility Is Its Own Reward

Every once in a while, a friend will ask you a question that you aren’t sure how to answer. Most people concoct a response in these instances, even though they have no real domain expertise or experience on the matter.

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Be Intentional With Your Relationships

There’s a saying that you become the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.

If you’re choosing to hang out with smart, godly people, this will have a tremendous effect on your life and your walk with God.

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Acceptance, Courage, and Wisdom

Do you ever feel like you’re getting hit from every side?

Are your finances in disarray, is your health worsening, and is your business in crisis?

Maybe your spouse has abandoned your shared dreams and traded them in for a nightmare that is far more superficial, selfish, and materialistic? Perhaps you’re overwhelmed, and you’re wondering why you can’t catch a break.

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Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

God’s plan for Joseph was BIG—so big that it took years for it to unfold. 

During the gestation period, Joseph encountered a string of hardships that lasted for well over a decade and included false imprisonment and becoming a human trafficking victim.

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How To Take Control of Your Life

You thought this was it—your big break. You just made an offer to buy your first home, you’re about to sign a book deal, or you received a fantastic new job offer with the most influential company in your industry.

Then at the last minute, it all falls apart.

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Love Others

God, give me the strength to pray for the lost and the addicted, care for the sick and needy, and love those who wish me harm.

When You Make Mistakes

No matter how thoughtful you are—at some point in your life, in your finances, in your relationships, and your business, you’re going to make mistakes.

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Integrity Matters

Do you ever feel like God is punishing you for being honest and forthright?

Maybe you see dishonest colleagues (seemingly) find success no matter what they do or another entrepreneur you know is unethical, yet he/she never seems to face any consequences.

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That’s What Friends Are For

Human beings have a greater need for friendship than, say, animals. Unlike lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), God created us to be social beings. It’s in our nature to gather, communicate, support, and fellowship with each other.

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