Maybe It’s Because I’m So Handsome

I don’t worry about “the haters,” and I never worry about people holding me back or blocking my opportunities. It’s not because they haven’t/won’t try, but because they don’t have the power or authority to stop God’s plan.

The thing is, as children of God, we are in a privileged position. And whether you know it or not, God will always open the right doors at the right time. The only question is — will you be ready and willing to step forward and collect your blessings?

So stop relying on your good looks, sharp wit, and brut force to open doors. Instead, work on your character, be more giving of your time and resources, stop complaining, and wait expectantly.

God bless,

Today’s note was inspired by Revelation 3:8, which reads, I have opened a door in front of you. No one can shut it. I know that you do not have much power. But you have obeyed my word, and you have never said you did not believe in me.

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