Use It or Lose It

Everyone who uses what they have will get more. They will have much more than they need. But people who do not use what they have will have everything taken away from them. Matthew 25:29 ERV

Matthew 25:29 is a powerful verse that teaches the importance of being faithful with what you’ve been given—and a reminder that you will be held accountable for how you use or don’t use your God-given gifts, talents, and resources.

Are you using your time wisely? What about your influence? Do you mobilize your friends to be productive and helpful in your communities?

Do you allow God to use your culinary skills to feed the hungry? How about your knowledge of scripture—are you using it to reach those who need to learn about Gods love?

What about your design talent—are you using it to help others create beautiful works?

Truth is: you are a blessing and a Godsend to everyone around you. And you control the use of your money, time, wisdom, abilities, etc., so choose wisely—choose to give it all back to God and watch Him bless you with more than you could ever imagine.