Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

God’s plan for Joseph was BIG—so big that it took years for it to unfold. 

During the gestation period, Joseph encountered a string of hardships that lasted for well over a decade and included false imprisonment and becoming a human trafficking victim.

Through it all, Joseph strengthened his faith, and God blessed him abundantly.

Josephs is a fascinating story—one that I’ll dive into soon, but today, my question for you is: do you trust God when you’re suffering?

God may have given you a dream, too. Maybe you hope to provide for your family through your business. Or perhaps you have dreams of opening a rehab center for opioid-addicted teens.

You have to remember that just because God gives you a dream doesn’t mean you’ll be free from adversity.

God is big enough to deliver on your life goals, but that doesn’t absolve you of trials and tests along the way. I can guarantee that you will face challenges during your pursuit—all of which will intensify the closer you get to achieving said goal.

Joseph’s story proves that we can rest in God’s plan and trust Him to bring our dreams to reality—at the right moment.

Philippians 4:6 reminds us not to worry (about anything) but to pray and ask God for everything we need, all while giving thanks for what we have.

So, do you have a dream you’d like to see realized? And if so, will you follow God’s plan no matter what hardships you face along the way?

Wait—don’t answer that.

Instead, pray and ask God how He’d like you to proceed. Ask Him for clarity and understanding. And invite Him into your plans to ensure your ability to complete them.

Trust me, the dreams and goals He gave you are perfect! You merely need to have the faith to trust Him and work ethic to get to where he wants you.

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