With Great Love

For a lot of people, the pursuit of happiness is only eclipsed by the need to be great as their biggest life goal.

Being great at something can be defined as reaching the highest heights of human achievement. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines greatness as: remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness.

Mother Teresa famously said, “we cannot all do great things but we can do small things with great love.”

That is a great quote, but I’d say it like this: “We can all do great things, in fact, we can achieve true greatness by loving God and others.”

Loving God and loving others are God’s two most important commandments. In Matthew 22:38-39, Jesus explained that loving God with all your heart, mind and soul is His greatest commandment, and the second greatest commandment is to Love your neighbor as yourself.

So it would seem (to me) that following God’s two greatest commandments is how we can reach the highest heights of human achievement.


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